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Trim Coil

Unbeatable Protection and Style with Spectra's Trim Coil Solutions

High-Quality Trim Coil Options for Durable Results

Elevate Your Building Project with TrueCoat Aluminum Trim Coil

Spectra's Trim Coil offers a durable and low maintenance solution for exterior trim needs. The company operates multiple U.S. based industrial coating lines that deliver ASTM certified materials in standard and custom shapes using their TrueCoat paint system in partnership with Valspar by Sherman Williams.

our most economical

TrueCoatTM Trim Coil

Available in 30+ TrueCoat™ colors with our most requested colors in stock for immediate supply
Available in multiple sizes, including the popular 14" x 50' and 24" x 50' rolls
Easy to store/transfer to job sites
Low maintenance
Commercial grade aluminum (.019 +/- .002)
Top half of a house showing its gutters and roof
A contractor favorite for Extreme versatility

GOLD Series
TrueCoat Trim Coil

Mar resistant and two-coat process with Plastilure®, the GoldSeries trim coil has superior color retention and resists weathering.

Sought-After Textured Finish

Textured PVC
TrueCoat Trim Coil

Coated with polyvinyl chloride paint, the Textured PVC trim coil lays flat, cuts clean and is easy to install.

Classic Smooth

Smooth Poly
TrueCoat Trim Coil

Coated with thermo polyester paint, the Smooth Poly trim coil is a beautiful and economical trim option.

Hear what people have to say about Spectra

Very fast and easy to purchase product from here. Easy loading process as you backup to the dock and they bring product to you and load up and your out of there.

Jason | A Month Ago

Spectra salespeople are always ready to help me get my order and always have a great sense of humor and a big smile no matter how early it I myself aren't exactly a morning person I'm always smiling when I leave. The prices are great as well. I'd give more stars if I could!

Amanda | 3 Months Ago

Spectra was so helpful with my order. I pulled up and my stuff was right by the dock. Easy loading helpful and patient staff. Thanks again!

Glen | 4 Months Ago